Russian Analogue of Steemit Will Be Launched Soon

Published on 17 Oct. 2016

In October, 18, the new social network “Voice” (“Голос”) will be launched for the Russian-speaking users. It is built on the Steemit blockchain – its English analogue. Steemit grows in popularity, which allows the authors to earn more for the unique content publications.

Project “Voice”

Why one would create Steemit fork, if no one forbids Russian-speaking users to publish posts on their language? The thing is, a more or less sufficient reward only English articles can get. This is because almost all users with the high voice validity (these are mainly developers and early investors) are not Russian-speaking. We have already written earlier how the reward for the articles is distributed and how the payments are formed.

The current situation was unacceptable for the cyber·Fund developers, so they decided to launch their consideration as well). This was announced in the end of September, and the work upon the network started with full power.

Launching of Test Network

At first, the launching of “Voice” blockchain and its crowd-sale were planned for one day, October, 15, however, the date of crowd-sale was then postponed for November, 1. The date of the network start is unchanged. On October, 11, the alpha-version of the “Voice” was launched in the test network. Having worked for two days, the test-net collapsed because of the critical mistake. On Sunday, October, 16, the work of the test network was restored, and the date of blockchain start was put off until October, 18.

The developers made an announcement, where they explained the reasons of network collapse in detail. They also described the changes that were applied after the restoration of the main functionality:

  1. Because of the change of the official start date, the time frames of crowd-sale have been shifted for three days as well.
  2. Developers decided to refuse the name refactoring in the code, not to break the connection with the Steemit code base.
  3.  The quadratic vote function will be changed, so the users with less voice power will have bigger weight. The new function will be anywhere from quadratic to logarithmic functions.
  4.  The analogue of Steemit SBD will be called “golden” and will be tied to the milligram of gold, and not to the gram, as was declared before.

Paying Rewards

“Voice” crowd-sale will continue during the month, after that the network will be filled with the unique content – this is stated in the approximate road map of the project. The first payment is planned to be carried out in the second half of January 2017. Without doubts, the “Voice” users will look forward to it.



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